August 12, 2005
hiya everyone....

Well yeah I know i've been ignoring this site like how I ignore people too *you know who you are* and I'm sooooo sorry. It's just that i'm busy with a lot of things and it's hard for me to update two blogs at the same time. Well yeah before I managed to do so, but there are some stuffs that get my time.

  1. flickr ---> this is where I spend most of m time! it's where I also upload all the pics I've taken and there are also groups that I am in so obviously... I participate with its discussions and stuffs. [you can comment but you have to be a member though...]
  2. Adobe photoshop cs ---> i'm so addicted on doing stuffs with it. Like editing pics, doing new layouts, experimenting..... well let's just say everything that I could do with it... I just do.
  3. berkzter ---> oh this wannabe friendster that is kinda annoying. I mean everyone will just add you even if they don't even have any idea where on earth you live! That sucks but I enjoy rejecting their requests :D wahahaha... i'm bad!
  4. zorpia ---> it's still on my list though I lost interest in it.
I'm really really sorry for those whom I ignored and still ignoring until now. I know it's sooo dumb putting much attention on those stupid things i've mentioned than spending time with you... my friends specifically but please please please understand my childishness...? Or... whatever you call that attitude of mine! And honestly I really feel like isolating myself this summer. Yeah yeah... you might be thinking i'm kidding or what. Or maybe now you're asking "Why?" Hmmmm... good question. But I got a stupid answer though... wahahaha! Well it's because I got sick of using the phone, I don't feel like socializing with people [except for those who are really close to me] and I've changed. [ah ha... that's another topic to discuss, don't you think?] Sorry but i'm not really in the mood to talk about it. For now... if you want to be MORE updated, visit babygurl coz I update there often. (well not really!) That's all for now. I might close this thing too... :D ciiaaaaooo!!!

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June 23, 2005
oh maannn

how I hate etisalat! imagine they blocked friendster then now flickr?!? OMG! Shits on you people! LOL but yeah..nakakinis kasi! Yon na nga lng libangan ko eh. And I really think they should not blocked flickr coz there aint really any nude photos there. It's actually cool because that'swhere peepz post their own photography and stuffs. Daaaaammmmmmmmmnnnnnnnnnn! I really really really really as in to the max HATE ETISALAT!!!!!!!!!!

anyway... i've been really lazy in updating my sites. Alam nio un? Kung kelan may internet chaka ako tinamad. Paano alam ko naman kasing i can come here anytime I want to. Yeaaah wala kaming net sa house but then dito sa office ni papa...haha.. enjoy!!!! DSL pare! LOL so anyway...un lang naman.

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June 8, 2005

Grabeh... I don't feel like blogging anymore. It's not that i'm getting bored with this.... but I just don't know what to blog about. My summer is still boring as of now. I haven't started anything.... deng help naman oh. Do you know any summer classes or something? Basta either Dubai or Abu dhabi lang. I think i've mentioned here what I like to take right? But if not... okay here: tennis lessons, swimming, dancing [prolly hip-hop dancing...], belly dancing and voice lessons. Nyahaha... ang dami noh? But yeah... kung may alam po kayo... don't hesitate to call me. [haha.. as if you know my number. LoLz] I mean just holla at me. Please... I need your help. I'm soo desperate. I'm bored with my life right now. Hahaha.

Sorry for not updating my sites. I just really don't feel like blogging these days. Ilang buwan na lang pasukan na naman. Hahahaha... excited na raw eh noh? Well not really. I'm just curious who will my classmates be. I mean like we're not even sure if we're still in the same school coz there's some sorta problem with the admin. Anyway... shits really happen so yeah....... sana lang maging okay ang lahat. Why? Coz I don't fckin want to go back home! Nyahahaha.. ayoko dun. Ayoko pang umuwi. May mga bagay pa akong dapat gawin dito. LoLz. Duuuuhhhhhh.... as if Kristine! But yeah... I feel like there are some things needed to be done before I finally settle there for good. You know... shits! LoLz

oh yeah... bago ko makalimutan ng tuluyan... I just wanna share something. Nyahahaha... napanaginipan ko si ghost! Tae nga's very very weird. Kasi naglalakad daw ako sa kalye... bandang madinat Zayed... alone. Then there was this car who kept on following.Ako naman... wala lang. parang di ko pinansin. Maya-maya huminto sa tabi ko. When the person opened the window [tinted car] it was ghost! Tapos ewan ko kung paano napunta sa house ng tita ko sa karuhatan. LoLz. I was with my cousins and he was with one of his friends yata. We kinda talked

Me: hey congrats! how's ur graduation?
ghost: huh? [wondering how the hell did I know about that...]
me: i saw from one of ur classm8s blog...he mentioned it there.
ghost: btw what is "hindi ko kayang mag-isa?"

then I heard my dad's voice. I was panicking where to hide him and stuffs. Till I went out to see them. I went in again and I saw ghost with his bag. I was telling him to stay and that it will be fine but he doesn't want to listen to me.

ghost: you're dad's there. we're both dead if he will see me here.

that's what i've thought too. like what if my parents would see us alone together... I know they will think about something else! So since he's a good boy... LoLz... he hugged me then he left. Weird nga kasi dun siya dumaan mismo kung nasan parents ko tapos parang wala lang. after that... ayun.. naputol na! tae... tagal ko na rin siyang hindi napapanaginipan ha! grabbbeeehhhh... ang saya talaga!!!!

Alam niyo? Miss ko na si loko. Btw... graduation na talaga nila sa 15 and yeah... I think napanaginipan ko siya sa sobrang tuwa ko last night. It's like this... I was browsing one site [a guy from his school/class] then he blogged about it. Chamber of commerce pa nga raw graduation nila eh. Hahaha.. grabeh. kulit noh? So ayun... ngayon medyo may idea ako kung bakit nawala na naman ng bigla si mokong. I think exams nila and he really has to study! Ewan ko.. feel ko lang. Alam niyo? Sana after 15 maging okay na ang lahat. un bang back to dati na. la lang..... miss ko na talaga kasi siya eh.Sobra. and since i'm here at my dad's office everyday.... I also kept on calling him. LoLz. La lang... pinapakinggan ko lng siya. He answered... as in hello lang sinabi niya. ayun... masaya na ko kasi at least narinig ko na boses nya. nyahahahaha.... tae ko noh? pasensiya na ha. ganyan lang ako when it comes to him. i mean un bang maliit na bagay na22wa na ako. anyway... non sense blogging na naman. o cge na.... gotta go. btw... check out my flickr then add me if you have an account. ciao!!!!!!!

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June 5, 2005
check it out

Hey you guys... just check out my babygurl site coz I updated there ok? Ciao! Taena 7amada miss na kita!

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June 2, 2005
matataglish ako... hahaha

Well... la lang. Honestly... I don't know what to blog here. Nothing much happened. Ate Jane is back from the Philippines and I did miss her! A lot of talks and stuffs... ehto ngayon she's sleeping already. Naki-share muna pansamantala habang di pa nakakahanap ng room. Astig nga eh kasi may pasalubong ako. BUTTER SCOTCH!!!! Denggggg... I almost ate one plastic full of it. La lang... it's my favorite kasi. Gusto niyo? Nyehehehe... so what else? Aren came to give me something. She didn't stay for long... as in binigay niya lang talaga ung thing na yon. Actually it's for my ate and I. So un... sobrang cute nga eh. Noong una di ko muna tinignan nung nandito pa siya... baka kasi you know. So nung pag-alis nya... I checked it out. Fox! It's really nice. Talagang pinaghirapan nung loka. Ewan ko ba kasi... she doesn't really need to do that. Ano un para di naman siya makalimutan? Nyyeeeehhhh... eh kahit naman wala siyang iiwan di ko naman siya makakalimutan noh. talaga naman si Ren. :p But I really like it so much. Di ko nga alam kung saan ko isasabit eh. Kasi it's like a collage of our pictures. Memories ba... so un! anyway.... un lang naman. madalian lang kasi 'tong update na'to... nyahaha. Congrats to my ate... she's graduating today!

oh yeah... before i totally post this thing... geL passed me this musical baton thing. Honestly first time ko kaya di ko alam kung ano ba talaga itong pinasa nya sa'kin. Gel... you gave me a hard time. SOBRA. LoLz. But anyway... since the one who passed it to her posted it and she also did the same thing... ehto na... un na lang din gagawin ko. LoLz

Total Volume of Music in my Computer:
im lazy to check... nyahahahahahahaha

The last CD I bought was:
I think ung album ni Nelly... ung puro niremix nya yata... basta un!

Song Playing Right Now:

Five songs I listen to a lot, or that mean a lot to me:
Lost in your eyes - debbie gibson [old song na yan!]
crazy for you - sponge cola
iniisip - [rap song naman]
all out of love - jagged edge
never again - justing timberlake

now im passing this to no one.... nyahahaha... OO KJ ako eh! LoLz. para maiba naman diba? lolz

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June 1, 2005
at last!!!!

haha... whatever!Lines are back to normal now. Both internet and phone. I'm back being an addict! Nyahaha! I'm out of school, as what I said. At last!!! I'm out of hell. Our recognition day was last May 20 and guess what? I ranked 6th among 12! Nyahahaha... okay I know it's not high but i'm kinda happy because I didn't really expect I will be one of them. Imagine since first to third quarter, I didn't have 90% and above average? Hmmm... maybe it is God's will. I really thank him because no matter what... he's always by my side. Actually I was already expecting something. Like if I didn't have any top this year... meaning he heard my prayers. I guess He did... but He still wanted me to be more happy. :) Compare last year, the place is better and more organized. [Same place where our prom was held] But Seph and I agreed that our elementary graduation is the most beautiful ever. I mean it was held at the Cultural Foundation meaning the stage is very big. Our song was nicer than theirs. Hahaha.... whatever! I just miss my elementary days. Especially my last year because that made me the most happy person in the world. I am proud that I was our class' 1st honorable mention. Haha. That was when I was still in grade-6. I can still remember how I almost laugh in front of many people when I was reciting the oath and law.  But then again... those days were a lot different. Lessons were easy to understand not like now. Sheesh I wish those days would come back... days when I was a happy-go-lucky girl. I guess I can't be like that next year and the coming years. I have to be more serious if I really want to pass the UPCAT. UPCAT? I don't know. I think it will be a miracle if ever I pass that. If I did... deng I don't know how happy I will be. My dad's challenging me you know. Kesyo maganda daw dun and sobra-sobra raw opporunities pag natapos ka na. But I was thinking... di ba puro matatalino dun? Subsuban ung pag-aaralan. Eh ako pa naman ung tipong di tulad nila. Oh well... God has his own plans for me. :)

Anyway... what else? How are you guys?  Well for me, I'm doing good. It's funny because I don't know exactly what classes to take... Voice lessons? Hip-hop dancing? Tennis? Swimming? Belly dancing? Hahaha... the last one is the weirdest. I honestly don't know why I want to learn that. I guess it got my attention so much! Summer's here. I don't know how will it be... but I really hope this last summer will be the most unforgettable ever! Why? Because this is my last. Haha. I'm going back to my beloved country.....? Whatever. But I still want to stay here more. I love this country more than I love Philippines. That's for real. Well people can't also blame me because I've almost grew up here. Comparing the two countries... I guess it's more safe to stay here. But sheesh I have no choice! Even though how much I wanted to stay here.... I really have to go back there. Haaaayyyyy... I think it's less than a year and I'll be leaving my second home. Actually, I can't imagine myself living in the Philippines. I want here. I feel super safe... like even how late it is, it's still safe walking on the streets. No one will harm you. I admit i'm very much attracted to Arab guys esp. Lebs and locals. Meaning... there's no such thing as Lebs and "Emaratis" in the Philippines, you know. LoLz. If my dad's only rich as them... I'd rather study in AUD or AUS [American University in Dubai/Sharjah]. But sad to say... we're not rich. Nyahaha. Oh well... enough of those things. I just have to enjoy my remaining life here in U.A.E. This sucks you know!

I went out with my brother today. Yeah bonding. But it was cool though I'm still not comfortable walking with him. He's taller than me and I don't know what will people think. That he's my boy and i'm his girl? Oh shit but that's possible because we don't really look a like. Our plan was to only eat there. Nothing more. But since mom gave us some extra cash... hmmmm... we played Time Crisis. I didn't know he loves to play that! I was asking him to play with me DDR but he doesn't like. So I played alone, as usual. Actually I played twice. Hahaha... yeah I'm adDICted to it. LoLz. We also checked out some phones because until now he can't decide which one to choose. He's weird but I love him so much. I'm just happy because we're getting close now. I never thought we will have this bonding because years ago... I wasn't even talking to him. He was still a kid then. I guess he's maturing at this time and that's good!

i really miss "nemo"Tagal ko ng di nakakausap si mokong. I think it was last month since I last talked to him. What's up with him anyway? Hahaha... okay i'm fooling myself. As if yallz can answer me. LoLz. Well I only want to know if he's okay or something. I wonder if he is having his exams this time. Because last year, as what I remember, they finished school on June 02. Tomorrow actually. I don't want to call him because I know he will not answer. I sent e-mails 2 months ago but I never got his replies. You know what? I'm not expecting anything right now. Though he told me something that somehow made me hope he is coming back. He did come back but not like before. I mean it's not totally him. The weird thing about me is why am I expecting someone to be like he used to? In fact I was the one who told myself that we both changed. Deng... I don't know. Di pa rin kasi maalis sa'kin na isipin ko ung mga sinabi nya. Pero okay na 'yon... hindi ko na naman siya hinahanap eh. Ang sa'kin lang naman... sana kahit papaano he will try to make it up to me this time. I guess whatever we do... we can't bring back the old times we had before.

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May 22, 2005

Okay i'm guilty for not blogging here... actually kahit dun sa isa kong site... paano naman walang net sa bahay. I also can't find time going to the net cafe last two weeks or something..... but then now... ehto i'm here at liwa center typing. Nyahaha...

so how's everything? I guess you miss me huh? Naaahhhhhh... i'm just kidding. LoLz. Ummm... di muna ako magbablog ng mahaba ok? I'm running out of time... ingat na lang kayong lahat. :)

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May 5, 2005

[Song quote] "Late at night when all the world is sleeping. I stay up and think of you. And I still can't believe that you came up to me and said I love you... I love you too. I'll be dreaming with you tonight till tomorrow I'll be holding you tight. And there's nowhere in the world I'd rather be... than here in my room. Dreaming about you and me." -Selena

Sheeesshhh... I really love that song so much. The lyrics are very meaningful and I don't know... I just love listening to it. Have you notice? That most of the songs right now are very very different compare to the old ones? Well I'd rather listen to old songs because it has something that I can't explain. I mean just compare the lyrics... it's so different. Now... I feel like they only compose songs for the sake of money. They don't really care if it has something in it. Hmmmm.... I hope you get what I mean. Btw I also like the movie about Selena's life. Have you watched it?

me pretending I could paint... nyahahahaSorry if I didn't have time updating again. Maybe if I say I'll blog again later or something... meaning I'll blog after a few days...? Haha. Well as usual... the reasons are all the same. School... projects... home works. Oh deng I'm very pressured now. Thank God I'm almost done with the projects... let's say two more to go and I'm free! The ones left were the hardest of all. Well... not really but then I don't want to do it yet. I'm lazy. And I realized that I don't have time for myself. Nyahaha... What I mean by that is I spent so many sleepless and restless hours since last week doing so many stuffs. One is research and I have to make my own biography about Sheikh Zayed and the other one is painting. Oh God I've been trying my very very best to make it nice but art hates me. It doesn't want to help me out you know. I was like talking in-front of the canvass saying "Don't do this to me. Okay I know I never like art but please please please be with me." With matching teary eyes. Hahaha. Okay I know it sounds crazy and stupid because that's what my friends were telling me since I started doing it. I was not supposed to ask help from my teacher but then I had no choice today. He changed almost everything but not the background because I'm the one who made it. Hahaha... I'll just post the picture when I'm done even though I know it really sucked.

the girls who love the camera...nyahahaOur finals will be this coming Sunday. I brought home some of my books and notebooks to do my reviewers. Imagine I was bringing two heavy plastics? Deng! I really hate when exams are coming up. So anyway... while we were in the cab, I asked Reyn if she wants to go out before our exams? Sheessh I thought I'm the only one who does this weird thing but I guess when it comes to hanging-out or something... I have Reyn. :) So we went to the mall and ate at Dunkin Donuts. I'm loving Caramel Coolatta now while she's addicted to her ever beloved Coffee Coolatta. Addicted? I am too! LoLz. So yeah we have talked about stuffs and I guess it's clear now. [Btw sorry kung nafeel mong pinagtutulungan ka namin... we didn't mean to.] As always... I also played DDR. :) Now I can concentrate reviewing because I've done what I want to. Hahaha. The Seniors were also there so obviously... We saw many peeps. Oh yeah... while Reyn and I were walking near Bench, one tall old guy came to me. At first I thought he will ask where is this store located or something but I was so astounded and flattered when he told me this, "You have a nice smile." Gosh! I didn't know how to react. I was laughing when I thanked him for the complement. LoLz. I looked stupid. Hahaha. But what will I do? This was the first time a stranger complemented about my smile. Okaaayyy enough Kristine I know you're very happy with that. LoLz. Thanks for the time Reyn!!!

What will you do if the past won't leave you? I mean though you were trying to forget it because of the bad stuffs that happened, it keeps on coming back and happening all over again. You know, Deja vu. I was already happy... Enjoying my life without noticing "something" was gone or should I say 'someone' was gone. I wasn't thinking about it anymore but here it comes again. Bugging me so much! Arrggghhh! I hate this feeling! I was trying to get over it. I was trying to run away but I guess wherever I go or whatever I do... I still can't hide from the memories before. Deng! Why can't I understand the word life? I know confusion and problems are two words that we usually encounter but even if how many million times I concentrate... thinking very deeply how to understand life... I still can't find an answer. Why? Okay it's not really a BIG deal but I can't help myself not to think about what happened from the past. What that person did to me left a scar that can't be easily forgotten. Haayyy... be positive Kristine! But I still hate you for making me feel this way again!

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